Friday, November 3, 2017

Civil Public Discourse: Thought Revolution and The Self-Immolation of Peoples, Lands, Cultures

"You rail against individuals, groups, and this plays directly into the hands of The Systems that have created and promote the individuals, groups, you rail against. 

The systems do not care if you attack the individual, the group, they will use it to their advantage and it leaves the systems stronger.

Until you learn it is The Systems that should be the recipients of your railings nothing will change, at least not for the better." ~Týr Mórríghan

When a person leaves a cult they are then presented with the great task of Unlearning all they were TOLD was/is before they can begin to Learn what was/is, gain a clear THINK-THOUGHT.

All the while a great and beautiful world comes into being.  This dear readers is why I, as do others more respectable than myself, refer to certain socio-political weaponized religions as The abrahamic cults. Systems. 

It is a grave error to THINK all warfare is fought with the bow, all slavery is at the end of a rifle and bullwhip.  When a cult has you in fear of your very being, 'eternal damnation' for being human or some massive storm to come and wipe out entire populations because they are evil in the eyes of a 'god' or control your very means of survival (to make a living); Then it is your own mind that fights for those conducting the warfare against you.

If you were to fight a war, is it not massively more effective and greater use of power and resources for you to have your enemies battle and enslave themselves?  Pay tribute as a Roman Emperor would have you do  and sacrifice your own children, peoples as a ritual sacrifice to their 'god'?

The current levels of Orchestrated Machinations of Chaos are no mere accident, it is a direct result of The Systems no longer being able to control those minds (THINK-THOUGHT) they previously dominated with ease.  Chaos is being injected into our societies for the nefarious purpose of wearing down the human psyche and its connections to its pre-abrahamic cults past, ancestral lands, Nature and The Magic of Life that exists outside of their control.  It is Your Will that they seek to break not unlike that of The Horse so it to may be ridden. 

Immolation is never a good thing; Self-Immolation of Peoples, Lands, Cultures that much worse. The sheer Terror; Horror.

Thought Revolution for The Quill and the Bow are not mutually exclusive.