Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bring The Balance Back: Wondrous Wonderings Explored, Black Coffee in Bed

I do so rather enjoy a weekend now and then, of no particular timing, Wondering, with Black Coffee in Bed.

I discourage others from doing what I have done, going where I have been, for these are idiosyncratic Wonders discovered along my ineluctable path. If you are to discover Wonders, it is your own unique path on which they will be revealed to you, ne’er someone else's.  

I hear civilians mocking The Common Man Soldier: ‘Brain-Dead, only The Void in his head’.  Yet, if for a moment they glimpsed inside The Common Man Soldier's head, not The Void but great Wonderings instead.  Civilians mock what they do not know, with marketing's latest gadgets, fast food joints, foo-foo coffee or who to hate, these are the important inanities that fill their told-to-heads.  Whereas; The Common Man Soldier knows by way of deprivation, stripped down to the bareness of survival, the most basic amenities, the world whirling furiously around his head, invisibility to the meat-grinder, cheating death, the path home with comrades.  Whose War? Why this War?  In the end (if there is one) What will it change? What is it all for?  these are the things of Wonder, that fill The Common Man Soldier’s head.

I Wonder immersed in Nature, why the pit-viper slithers by without striking my leg or me it’s head?  
I Wonder in beauty of Nature in all that is around, does abound, when I fish the fly or draw my Bear Bow on the Wild Boar charging with his razor tusks ready to gore.
I Wonder with The Trees at the Air, Earth, Water, Fire; The Sun and The Moon, the East, South, West, The North most of all, marveling Wonder at the creatures, the twenty senses filled by it all.

On my path, some of the greatest Wonders are those that avail themselves to teach me of what was before Europe’s Great Fall.  It is The Bard, The Magi, the purveyors of Ogham-Behron Law, possessors of the great Wonders all:

Knowledge Beyond Knowledge
Wisdom Beyond Wisdom
Sight Beyond Sight

Yet, it seems, no need for me to exit my home's door for the simplest of them all;  Marble notebook, #2 pencil, Wondrous Wonderings explored,  Black Coffee in Bed.