Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bring The Balance Back: Wonderings on The Common Man

Have you ever desired to consume, yea, devour someone?  (not in the cannibalistic nor crass sense)

Discover, consume, someone for who they are in their entirety,  their Mind?  Intelligence?  All of their Intangible~Wonders yet found?

This I think should not be relegated to just the works of poets, artists, writers, musicians, etc.  but also that which is of others that we cross paths with.  This indeed brings us to the place where society makes ‘gods’ of lesser men on which celebrity status is bestowed, and, perhaps even worse The Faceless Masses pay attention to them, and, the Elites of the Politik, Academia and Religion, all the same ingredients of the shit-stew really, use them to their advantage over the Faceless Masses.

I must readily admit, after great ponderance on the Knowledge, Wisdom Sight I have recently gained from Shaw, Sheridan, their books and people I have met through them (always credit those that have taught you well!), my past usage of The Common Man term in conjunction with The Faceless Masses term has been in grave error.  

I am currently searching for a substitute term for The Common Man, for The Common Man is anything but common.  The Elite, The Faceless Masses prefer to think of themselves as uncommon however, as history and current-events have taught us there is nothing in society, on the planet more common than The Elite and The Faceless Masses, with those I termed in the past as The Common Man being the ones separated out.  These are The True Thinkers, The True Learners, The True Teachers.  These are the ones I queried of in the beginning of this piece.  They seek not Pathological Elitist Rule-n-Reign nor are they contented to move with The Herds of The Faceless Masses.

The Elites fear them, The Faceless Masses ignore them, they are The UnCommon Common Man (till I find a more suitable term).  They plant Trees when and where they are told not to, tend to wounded Nature when it is ruled illegal, read books they are ordered not to, they seek and learn of The Knowledge and Wisdom from the time before there was; Was.

Yes, by all means, devour the works of  poets, artists, writers, musicians, etc. however, if you are separate from The Elites, The Faceless Masses, be wise, be sure your poets, artists, writers, musicians, there works are as well.  

This I will tell you is the greatest gift of all when you come across another separate from The Elites and The Faceless Masses, it is the gift of Well-Reasoned Thought, Civil Public Discourse that will take you to places you have never been in as much as to ignite your desire within to consume, yea, devour all the mind of The Uncommon Common Man has to offer.