Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bring The Balance Back: The Warrior Spirit/Seeker ~ Knowledge

It is rather pointless for The Warrior Spirit/Seeker to gain Knowledge and not use it, for, in doing this, he is just a gatherer of facts which is counter to his path.

There is also the possibility of The Warrior Spirit/Seeker using this newly acquired or even archived Knowledge without first having internalized it in order to examine himself against this Knowledge, to better himself and/or how to properly use the Knowledge To Bring The Balance Back (Maintenance).  

To access Knowledge and use it without prior self-application is the height of ignorance and hubris that only leads to death and destruction, a price usually paid by The Innocent, The Common Man of The Faceless Masses and Nature.

Knowledge IS Power and with Great Power COMES Great Responsibility (The Good). 

The Warrior Spirit/Seeker:

Knowledge Beyond Knowledge
Wisdom Beyond Wisdom
Sight Beyond Sight

To Bring The Balance Back!