Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Civil Public Discourse: Sperm, Consciousness and ‘god’?

Permit me to get the matter of abrahamic cults out of the way so that we might continue with Civil Public Discourse on this matter.  

They claim their god creates all human life-souls and that males are forbidden to masturbate because it is killing  lives.  Well, the actual physical process of a sperm fertilizing an egg leaves millions of lives slaughtered by a god that forbids a male to masturbate.  If this god creates life then why does it need to slaughter millions of lives to create just the one?  Also, if the child born is with physio-biological-mental issues it is because the child is born with sin?  No Thank You!  This is why you cannot have Civil Public Discourse with anyone of the abrahamic cults, reason, thought, logic just are not present.

(This is an over-simplified, stripped down version for the faceless masses as the education system, religion, government and media have all but eradicated Philosophy Think-Thought from the public sphere)

If we get to choose a life-physical body for our consciousness to inhabit who would choose to become The Elephant Man?  To be mocked and jeered and put on display for the reason of his Neurofibromatosis Type 1 - Proteus syndrome (mendelian genetic disorder).

If we do not get to choose the life-physical body for our consciousness to inhabit then it is being chosen for us, again, by a fairly sadistic fate-force or the third option is that it is somehow regulated by chance.


The average human male body produces 100-400 millions of sperm that live in relatively close quarters peacefully.  However, once entering the female each individual sperm races for the prize, battling each other along the way.  What and How does a sperm know where to go and what the prize is, more importantly that it must be swifter, mightier, smarter than the others to survive?  Is there a consciousness, a desire for self-preservation present?

Now out of all the possible combinations resulting from fertilization is it random chance?  Fate?  Are there other consciousnesses placing bets on which mouse figures out the maze first and gets the cheese?  Is it controlled or uncontrolled?

When does consciousness enter into a physical body? (what stage of development).

Do we ask to be born?

Do we choose what life we are to assume?

If not what makes the decisions?

Any consciousness that is not successful in uniting with a physical body (fertilizing an egg), do they have to keep repeating the competition till they are successful or is it a one-time event? 

Science, governments and religions all have their official doctrines on this matter however, they too keep moving the lines to suit the tumultuous turnover of agendas.  Man spends billions on searching ‘The Stars’ when he cannot explain his own existence (Conscious Being) with any sort of credible authority and yet we are no closer to the answer than whenever it is our consciousnesses began.

And so it is, be glad you made it and enjoy the journey while you can or in the Epicurean-Paratrooper Tradition:  Eat-Drink-Make Merry for on the ‘morrow we die! (and get to start all over again, perhaps?)