Friday, February 16, 2018

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: A Moment of Nature Force-Energy Movement that is Neither Good nor Bad

You have heard it sung “The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know”. This in a more general sense is true and perhaps even more so specifically for those enslaved-caged in religion and modernity.

There is upon us, for those that can see religion-cage, modernity free, a moment of force-energy movement that is neither good nor bad in and of itself but what Man chooses to do during this movement in this moment. Is this also not the case of what Man has experienced throughout, names history?

While many of the faceless masses continue on in blissful ignorance, the nefarious see, are agitated, doing all they can to shutdown those that are free, See!

For over two-thousand years Man as kept. Told what is day what is night, what is north what is west, the faceless masses slept while his spirit knew and wept. This moment of energy movement is a promise of Nature, she longed it to be in the echoes of The Trees, give rise to your ancestral memories, to bring the balance back.

I fear not this moment just as I fear not death, for both are but doors, doors of rebirth for those like me, who live lives of Magic, are free to see; Be!

Oh Man! The choice is yours, the stage Nature has set, History Reset or continued existence of ignorance-slavery, fear and regret?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: As The Seeker, intrepid traveling in other realms is

I stepped out of my corpse the other day. I looked back at it, there it laid bound up as in a mother's womb, life-energy barely an ember, quicketh to fade. Death is but a door to rebirth I heard myself say, before I made my way.

Passing a magic society, drawn by sorrowful voices asking for help to the society’s library of supernatural grand ornate magic books. Covers of artisan hand-carved woods, metal inlays ~ bias relief, strewn across the floor, unread, uncared for, pages ripped, pages torn, spells unfinished, their neglect in their pleas forlorn.

I asked the books how did this happen? Another Library of Alexandria looting, burning, murder occur? No came the reply from the books, see the wandering spirits nearby? It was their apathy that did this to us.

I commanded the magic books to close, order themselves in preparation to be restored. This they did before me on the floor. They asked how long before they were once again free from their societies apathy, fully restored. It is a monumental task, over the course of lifetimes to be sure, then I was dragged back into the corpse I was before.


Bring he Balance Back: SWANS - Folklore and Superstition ( OpenSourceOccultTV)

Bring The Balance Back: Ancient Britain/Ireland and the Middle East ( OpenSourceOccultTV)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: Het is niet van mij!!!

Quiet and contented beneath Our Evergreen; Book, Flask, Brother Dog, Pipe, a lil’ Metworst, a lil’ Graskaas, a buxom woman on occasion upon a grassy knoll or by the river bed, if the occasion of itself it lent in our Nature niche, Our Continental Nook.  Generous hospitality, gentleness, Oh!  These you quite really misunderstood.  You cry for pity,  of the humanity you used for no good, you implore these once more but Ne’er More!

Our Wolf, Our Bear, Our Boar, they rip and tear, shred your mind to pieces, by tooth and by claw, day and night, night and day; Your peace and sanity do not exist anymore, ‘til you embark on your black-hulled keels from Our Sacred Shores will they be restored.  We do not curse you, that others may, if so inclined, may do.  

Your darklands savage curse, ill wishes, evil and great harm, simply return to you, in exact same measure, no more, no less for: Het is niet van mij!!!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: What of My Magic? Come Sacred Sun, Come Sacred Moon, Come!

What of my magic without Air and Earth?

What of my magic without Fire and Water?

What of my magic without Light?
What of my magic without Dark?

What of my magic without Mars?
What of my magic without Mercury?

What of my magic without The Sun?
What of my magic without The Moon?


Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!

Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!

Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Sun Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize My Altar!

Come Moon Come: Illuminate and Energize This Warriors Quest!


What of my magic without The Harmony of Týr ~ Mórríghan?
What of my Altar without The Harmony of Týr ~ Mórríghan?
What of This Warriors Quest ?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Civil Public Discourse: I Met an ‘Anarchist’ in Ol’ SOHO

I met an Anarchist in Ol’ SOHO today, she invited me to an anarchist cafe to hear what she had to say.

For half an hour I listened intently at her case that she laid before me, then it was my turn to put her case-laid on full display.

This coffee we drink. Who grew it?  Who roasted it?  Who imported it?  Who ground it?  Who brewed it?  Of the business concerns she could not refute my claim.  Who owns this cafe?  Who and how will you pay?

Her self-rolled cigarettes she claimed are fine examples of Anarchy was her claim but she did not answer me when I queried by whom had her tobacco come?  Her matches, rolling papers?  How did she acquire them, by what financial arrangement did she pay?  Silence was her answer that came.

She reached in her bag, out her printed pamphlets came.  I asked her what organization printed these?  Where did their materials come from and did they pay?

We left the cafe, to this Hollywood actresses brownstone I was invited to continue our thought-word play.  I asked her of her movies production and her pay how is this anarchy, yet again, her silence was the reply that came.  Your brownstone the taxes, light-heat-water its maintenance how is it paid?

She plied me with whiskey for the afternoon I stayed, her glass the vodka ne’er more than a few minutes did it stay.  

I asked her is not your anarchy really orchestrated (organized) chaos of those that control the faceless masses, communism-fascism in-play?  “I am a feminist, a lesbian, for the world a full on display”.  Are these not just tools for your career advancement or power to stay she heard me say.  

She stood up, came across the room, desperate to prove her case, let her clothes fall to her ankles, then next to me she laid, to say “look, I do with my body what I will, Anarchy she proclaimed! come and play!!

I replied to her True Anarchy is about death-n-destruction, there are no true anarchists alive today for the true anarchist, to achieve true anarchy would kill  themselves in anarchy's ultimate display.  I stood left her on her couch naked in her despair, as I reached the parlour doorway, this I did declare.  It is not your body for which I have come to fuck, there is the faceless masses for that and your powerful elites you serve, that for you really do not give a fuck.  

My presence here today, intercourse of thought.  Your mind-fuck, was it as good for you as it was for me I asked as I exited her brownstone, out on to her East Village Chaotic Street.  

Monday, January 29, 2018

Civil Public Discourse: Let This Sink In

Is it not Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919 - 1933 By Thomas Sheridan that history is corrected in that the Nazi’s were from an occult society that entered in politiks, not as we are taught-told, that they were a politikal party that ‘dabbled in the occult?’.

I find the below quote fascinating for its use of ‘Catholic Thought’, which by its very system, through a revolution of  “In principle, every revolution, subversion, antitradition, and demagogy is branded with the visible seal of a nonhuman force responsible for urging the masses on and getting them drunk on this or that ideology.”?  Waged Wars, Revolutions?

If “The Devil” (as presented in the bible) did exist, Catholicism, Christianity would be his name evidenced by forced conversion of Pagan Europe, Pagan Lands and Peoples Globally.

So, other than the point on the use of “Catholic Thought”  on Satanic Acts while being the perpetrators of the most horrendous evils themselves, the full quote below is quite telling for those willing and able to see, THINK!

“I will limit myself here to a due considerations that are specifically related to the disciplines dealt with in this book. However, some general remarks may be first in order. Generally speaking, there is no subversive movement in history and in human thought that does not have its “occult” origins. What needs to be understood is that one of the most recent “confections” devised by the dark forces is the “positivist” theory, which adamantly denies the existence of such backgrounds and claims that everything in human affairs can be explained through tangible historical causes. Isn’t this “positivist” mentality the one that best lends itself to the hidden schemes of the forces active behind the scenes? Some Catholic thinker has poignantly suggested that the most recent trick of the devil is to persuade people that he does not exist.

In principle, every revolution, subversion, antitradition, and demagogy is branded with the visible seal of a nonhuman force responsible for urging the masses on and getting them drunk on this or that ideology. De Maistre has written many pages of perennial value on this topic. The purely political and social consideration of the revolutionary phenomenon mistakes exteriority with essence. The essence of every revolution is something that is not so much directed against people and institutions, but rather against the spirit; in some extreme cases-- an elucidation of specific examples would be superfluous -- a revolution may even appear as a Satanic act.” ~ Introduction to Magic by Julius Evola, Arvo: Counter-Initiation Paras 4,5.  pp 235-236  

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: Nature Lesson of The Turkey Vulture

You call me ‘The Harbinger of Death’, yet I have no talons of war to tear at your flesh. This is not my fight as you kill each other over something already marked dead. I, The Turkey Vulture, soar effortlessly overhead, vigilant, intelligent, cautious instead.

You call me ugly with my bald-red head but it is you with pompously adorned feathered or fur covered heads that from the carcass deadly diseases are spread.

You charge my defecant as disease ridden something to dread but was it not your carcass, your flesh I fed?

If you beleaguer me I spread my great wings to instill fear and dread, if this does not deter you, I vomit back your freshly consumed flesh instead.

Excuse me for a misconception I needed to correct from the outset,  ‘tis your newly killed, one or two days old perhaps, carcass by which I am fed, ‘tis for the possum and maggots, bottom feeders that the putrefied banquet is set.

A man without country, a man not in this brain-dead fight, I ask you, why should I not be The Turkey Vulture on your dead societies fed? 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Changelings in Perpetuity - BOOK AND EVENTS NEWS (OpenSourceOccultTV)

Bring The Balance Back: Darkest days behind us; Come Sacred Sun, Come!

Darkest days behind us; Shadows more plentiful, growing taller in the fields, birds have begun to fill the air, She-Bear, stretches and stirs. Ravenous Crows-Vultures from Winter’s Lack must be feed.

Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize Our Sacred Air
Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize Our Sacred Terra-Altars
Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize Our Sacred Fire
Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize  Our Sacred Water

Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize: Our Sacred People
Come Sun: Illuminate and Energize: Our Sacred Moon

Come Sacred Sun, Come!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: Mórríghan, They Are Your Children After All

Four-footed charge of The Brother Dog Brigade at the sliding glass door made.

Retreat was sounded on the Turkey Vultures full-spread wings display.

Back to the bedroom, regroup, charge again, the scene looping on auto-replay.

I never know what I  will chance upon, returning from the market on this or any other day.

Inside my door, Nature’s slapstick; Mórríghan’s Children at play, worth more than any man could ever pay.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: I Am The Goddess of The Straif

Who are you so filled with trite on my concern?   Your life this dark night I take by fate. My answer to your trite. Who are you now when you cannot discern?

I am Fire, I am Wounding-Poison, I am Death.
I am Earth, I am Healing-Medicine, I am Rebirth.

See the man, my mark upon his bare-breast?  Wolf-Warrior Spirit, ne’er fears my blade, open wound yet standing tall, this dark night upon him fate does not call.

See the man, clothed and armored?  Crying for his mortal-mother, fears my blade, mortals-wound, this dark night upon him fate does call.

‘tis ignorance of man who says they came to me, these I feed to my Lunantishees, for, it is I, that come to men in battles, in the mountains and the fields, the darkest hours of the soul ne’er yet seen.  On the rivers and the seas, when I come to thee, the great mysteries, a gift, I bring you to see.

I am Goddess, Maiden, Crone, by my Blackthorn I am known.  If you meet me Hail Mórríghan! Let your greeting be known, for if not, by My Fire and My Blade, your stripped bare bones fate is sown.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: Straif (Outside of Time)

Her Storm is real.  
The War is not Man against Man but 
Outside of Time against In-Time.
Her Storm from Outside of Time ‘tis already here;  Bare thine breast to Her blade without hesitant-fear.  

In-Time is ended for those who wish to see clear, this is what the merchants of In-Time (time-politik-religion) fear.  How can you call your death for alien politik-religion, a needle in your arm, in front of a television or as a debt-slave worked to death to pay taxes - support the jetset, A Good Death?

Knowledge-Wisdom-Sight, yea, A Good Death of those Outside of Time they have hidden, stolen from you.  The merchants of In-Time, by their inventions time-politik-religion, a few Millennia near, count for me the wasted valiant deaths in distant alien lands while they rape and pillage Our Peoples, Our Lands.

Mórríghan has brought Her Storm, Her Warriors of A Good Death from Outside of Time to repay the merchants of In-Time (time-politik-religion) for their wickedness and crimes against Our Peoples, Our Lands;  Bring The Balance Back.

For the merchants of In-Time (time-politik-religion), those that played with Her, treated Her in a trifle manner, the meek and the mild, those that choose In-Time ignorance over Knowledge-Wisdom-Sight, yea, A Good Death of those Outside of Time, Her Storm will unbridled horrors and fears appear.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Civil Public Discourse: Consciousness and Control of The Faceless Masses

Society has been conditioned to ask the wrong question(s).

The question is not ‘Who are you?’  but rather, and it is not a question as it is more of a statement of a Nascent Being (Consciousness); Who You Are.

It is rather telling that academia, media,  is pressing the issue of Orwell vs. Huxley conceptualizations while supporting with earnest Transhumanism.

To understand this in its practical application on The Faceless Masses there are a few matters we must consider.

Historically, man-made religions (abrahamic cults), pop culture, sports-entertainment, public indoctrination institutions have served to distract-stupify The Faceless Masses.  This has proven effective but only to a certain point and we can observe these methods have reached their saturation point as The Faceless Masses have become, even if the do not understand why, no longer satisfied and/or placated by these and have begun to stir with a certain measurable degree of agitation.  Sadly however, the majority within The Faceless Masses will soon tire and return to their comfortable circus of enslavement.  For those that remain agitated there awaits for them pharma and other Orwellian-Huxleyesque forms of satiated-control.

The real fight, the battle front where the war is being waged on The Faceless Masses for control is in the Consciousness of those that are outside of The Faceless Masses. How is this war fought?  Environmental Pollutants-Toxins that act as blockers, inhibitors, effectively creating a barriers between the physical  being and The Consciousness. A Border Wall-Barrier within the Chemical-Electrical Energy Systems of the Human Brain.

Yes, there are the pollutants-toxins produced by industry, farming, military  weapons, science, energy production and unbridled consumerism.  The majority of these are not purposeful in their presence, more of a consequence.  There is purposeful introduction of pollutants-toxins targeting not just the larger natural environment but specifically targeting the environment of the physical body for many purposes however, we are concerned in this post about their deployment for their ability to interfere with the physical being of The Faceless Masses coming to the full realization of their potential as a Nascent Being (Consciousness); Who You Are.  It does not bother those of the control system if you ask ‘Who Are You?’ as long as you do not find and travel the path of The Seeker:

Knowledge Beyond Knowledge
Wisdom Beyond Wisdom
Sight Beyond Sight

Now we must ask, what is the most effective and efficient use of resources to introduce-distribute the Nascent Being (Consciousness)  Awareness-Realization-Attainment necessary inhibitor-blocking pollutant-toxins into The Faceless Masses?  Aside from Big-Pharma and Medical-Psychiatric collusion entities look to processed food-water supplies, fast-food, aluminum and other inhibitor pollutant-toxin laden personal hygiene products.  

Dear reader, yes, it is easy to write the above off as ‘wild-insane conspiracy theory’ or ‘mere conjecture’ however, The Ancients, The Ancestors venerated The Sun for many reasons not just life sustaining properties.  They understood the pineal gland to be a gateway to Nascent Being (Consciousness) Awareness-Realization-Attainment, the pineal gland being Light Activated, specifically Sunlight!  If the Ancients knew this then would not nefarious entities also know this and seek whatever means to introduce inhibitor-blocking agents?  

Perhaps in the progress of Man he has just taken a wrong turn?

Consider the extraordinary measures the abrahamic cults and their finance-security apparatus have undertaken to instill fear into The Faceless Masses, to hide Knowledge from them.  Much misaligned Lucifer, The Light Bearer (Knowledge) demonized as well as the Pagan Cultures-Peoples,  The Light Bearer's (Knowledge) genocided and eradicated with extreme prejudice, they themselves being demonized and ridiculed in pop culture, literature, history books, science and academia.

Another aspect you will not hear discussed much is that of Nature and her abhorrence of a vacuum.  Does this not coincide with the marked increase in The Sun’s release of energy?  Mere coincidence or a Bringing of The Balance Back by Nature through those Pagan Peoples-Cultures Lights being reignited by The Sun!

For over two-thousand years Man has been kept in ‘the dark’, Occult (Forbidden) Knowledge hidden, for this is what The abrahamic cults and their complicit associates fear, that more than just a few will begin to Think for themselves, understand Man is a Nascent Being (Consciousness) with the ever present potential for Awareness-Realization-Attainment, and, the knowledge of the pineal gland being Light Activated, specifically by Sunlight.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bring The Balance Back: Oh, What Magic Fills Winter’s Air

As you now do, ‘twas ignorance and fear I slept, yea, even amerikan football I was kept.

At this writing, I am in the middle of a Harmony of Týr Mórríghan Supernatural Two-Day Event! I do not write in code, just what is, the wonders and beauty your masters hide from you, Your Ancestors Secrets in some unnatural religions box, crusaders-jihadists attempt to destroy this day!


The Wolf Spirits, 
The Blackthorn Spirits,
The Warrior Spirits, 
The Light and The Dark. 

Oh, What Magic Fills Winter’s Air !


Moon-Day (Monday) - Tiw’s-Day (Tuesday) a weekly occurrence I concur this is true however, through The Night breaking into Winter Morn’s First Light; Oh, pitiful humans what a Glorious Sight!

Have you never read of my Phantom Queen, Blackthorn Goddess Mórríghan shape-shift into a Wolf? Did not God Týr care for Fenrir when others would not, later to display Honour with Selfless-Sacrifice?

What Magic charges the air these two-days, in the realm of The Harmony of Týr Mórríghan. Did not on Moon-Day last The Wolfmoon crossover, bind together with today, Tiw’s-Day?

 ~The Harmony of Týr Mórríghan~
January 1, 2017 - January 2, 2017

The Blackthorn and The Oak,
The Goddess and The God,
The Male and The Female, 
The Moon and The Sun,
The Light and Darkness,
The Spirits and Nature,
The Circle Complete,
Their Magic;

In Me!

Bring The Balance Back: Blackthorn Spirits ~ Spirit Wolf (Moon) of Our Pagan Lands

Who is she which shines so bright yet burns us not on this winter’s night? 

Who is she that guides the pagan path in balance of shadow and light? 

You, why do you celebrate Winter Solstice by the invaders calendar that has no connection to the Solar-Days, Lunar-Nights? 

You, why do you get caught up in the modernist hype when The Ancestors taught you to celebrate her energies, dance with delight at her cycle of life-death-rebirth, that which is right?

This is my question at first morning light: Is her cycle of life-death-rebirth just for a yearly jaunt? 

Every year you celebrate ‘a sign is given’ on a stolen celebration. For over two-thousand years the invader ‘sign’ has been slavery and death, its reign of death over your lands, but, this all changed in The Shadows The Wolfmoon cast among The Sacred Blackthorn (Straif) last night.

Not just Europe, across every continent and peoples, The Gods-Goddesses, The Ancients-Ancestors of Blood-n-Bone, Nature and Magic have returned after a two-thousand (plus) year death; Pagans-Spirits of The Lands, Rebirth!

Their reign of slavery-death is through, they know it too, for this is why they cast their fear and violence yet greater among me and you, yet for all of it they are powerless to stop it, the rebirth of The Pagan-Lands, The Ancestors-Nature, Me and You!

Over two-thousand years our freedom from their slavery and death is long overdue.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bring The Balance Back ~ Civil Public Discourse: 2018 New Year, Return of The Pagan and The Common Man

The new year is here by the christian-romanized (catholic calendar). 

The actual New Year began with the Winter Solstice; Pagan Cyclical Rebirth has already begun.

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